Horseshoe Framed and Personalised in Steel

Precious Equine

Horseshoe Framed and Personalised in Steel
  • £140.00

Also available in 18k rose gold and 24k gold.  We can either restore a used horseshoe from your favourite horse or plate a new one.  We will then frame it and add your own personalised engraved plate beneath.  These make beautiful good luck gifts and very special keepsakes.  

You don’t need to worry if the horseshoe is a bit rusty as we will spend time removing the rust to leave just the bare steel.  We then polish the horseshoe to give a high shine finish. 

If you would like a frame other than black, please let us know and we can find an alternative.  The end result is a stunning, personalised memento of you and your horse or a personalised gift that the recipient will treasure forever.  Either way we are sure you will love what we do. 

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