Founded in the spring of 2015 in the rural village of Old Basing by chemist and part time equestrian Nadira Bullock, Precious Equine restores and personalises horseshoes and tack using precious metals.  
Horseshoes, spurs and stirrups can be transformed with coat of 24k gold or 18k rose gold to create unique and personal keepsakes or luxury and striking competition wear.  
All of our pieces are made to order using either 24k gold or 18k rose gold to maintain the highest quality.   We are also happy to create completely bespoke items so please talk to us if you have an idea.  



This is my precious equine, Twin Ivan.  He was an ex race horse and part of the reason I started Precious Equine.  He didn't ever win anything and was always the one dawdling at the back, hence why he left horse racing.  He then spent some time on a polo yard.  Unlike, your typical thoroughbred he was very quiet.  When I lost him after only ten months in his company, one of my friends made me a beautiful wine rack from his horse shoes.  I started to think about how many horse owners must have kept horseshoes from winning horses or horses they have lost.  I hope I have created horseshoes that are truly special keepsakes.  I look forward to your feedback. 

Best wishes,


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