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  • What Our Customers Say...

    'Today I received this amazing present from my students; one of Cassidy's shoes plated with 24k gold delivered by @Precious_Equine #memoryforlife' - Cathrine Dufour, Danish Grand Prix Dressage Champion 2016, Olympian 2016

    '..received with tears of joy from my partner!' - George Knight

    'Having an 18 year old daughter who is not into the traditional jewellery we arranged a horse shoe from her forever pony to be covered with rose gold. Precious Equine provided a wonderful product with great communication throughout which will last forever.' - Rachel Oliver

    'My horse's dirty rusty old shoe is now a shining treasured memento of so many happy times.' - Debs Nutt

    'Thank you so much for my rose gold horseshoe ....each time I look at it, it reminds me of beautiful and amazing, 'Horse of a lifetime.'' - Karen Harman, Riding Instructor




  • Christmas Orders

    As we make each item to order, orders (from the UK) placed after December 4th 2016 cannot be guaranteed for Christmas.  Please contact us directly for advice on European and International orders.
  • Rebecca Bell's Review of the Season

    2016 has been a bit of a whirlwind year!  It was my first year on horses, and initially I didn’t expect much to happen but thanks to a very special, “ginger,” horse I’ve had some amazing experiences over the year.  It all kicked off with Addington High Profile in January.  This was one of my first premier leagues at Junior FEI level and it went really well!  Thanks to some consistent results early on in the season, Tango and I were selected to compete at Keysoe CDI.  We really gelled as a partnership that week, coming 3rd, 2nd and 4th respectively in the team, individual and freestyle tests. We were then called up to compete for GB in the Nation’s Cup team at CDIO Saumur, my favourite show abroad!  I had the most fantastic time there, improving on my scores from Keysoe, despite some expensive mistakes. To top it off, it only rained properly on one day out of the 6 that we were there for and great performances by my team mates meant that we finished 4th in the CDIOJ Nations Cup.  Tango was amazing to deal with all week, both to groom and ride and it really made me appreciate what a special horse he is.  After that, it was time to focus on preparing for my AS Exams.  Once the majority of those were over, I had a squad training session at Hartpury in June, where I felt Tango and I really stepped up a gear.  This showed at Wellington Premier League in late June, where we won the Junior Team test on a PB of 70%.

                Following this,  I was shortlisted for the European team and after a final team camp, selected to compete for GB in Oliva Nova, Spain.  The Europeans was a fun week, at a beautiful venue and in baking heat, and even though it didn’t go to plan in the arena, I really enjoyed myself.  Tango and I just seemed to be on totally different wavelengths in our tests, and I let him down through my lack of preparation at times, leading to some expensive mistakes.  Looking back on it, I know that I could have done better but hindsight is a fine thing; what I’m aiming to do now is learn from the experience and improve for the future, which is looking very exciting!  Una (Nibeley Union Hit) is feeling amazing at the moment and we’ve almost finished our regional qualification at Medium Gold, scoring 75.15% and 71.97% in our first two affiliated outings together.  Tango has now been sold and his new owner has already been getting some great results with him.  I will always be immensely grateful to the Fearis’ for the year I had riding him, he was the perfect step up onto horses, and has prepared me for the big step up onto the new member of the team, Jimmy (Lochwood).  Jimmy arrived recently; we bought him from Ruth Edge, who competed him at the National’s this year, and finished 2nd in the Medium Gold to Charlotte Dujardin, no pressure!  He’s 7, and quite green so I’m going to take it slowly and work hard with him over the winter, with our debut tentatively planned for early 2017.

                None of the past year would have been possible without all the people who support me.  My trainer Caron Roberts and my parents are always behind me, and my sponsors and followers are all a massive support too, so, ‘Thank you!’





  • Aspirations from our riders for 2016

    Aspirations for 2016

    Rebecca Bell

    2016 has started off really well; Tango and I had our first competition in mid January at the Addington High Profile show. He felt fantastic, I think our work over the winter has paid off! It's all still a bit of a learning curve so we had quite a few mistakes but I was delighted to finish 3rd. Since then, we've tried some new things, including jumping! Tango thought this was great and although my technique in a dressage saddle was a bit questionable we both had a fantastic time. This is definitely something I'll include in his routine going forward not only is some work over small fences good for dressage horses' athleticism, it's great for their minds to go into the arena for something other than a training session. I strongly believe that a varied routine is really important for any horse, but especially one being asked to perform at a high competitive level.

    This past weekend, Tango and I tried our first two day show, staying overnight and competing both days. I wasn't sure what to expect but I certainly wasn't prepared for how quite how well it went. Tango was on top form, winning the Advanced Medium 92 class on the first day (despite some impromptu extras in the test. Oops!) with 69.2%, and also won the Advanced Medium 98 on the second day, with the same score. Not only did he take everything in his stride but he also put up with me being a complete numpty on the second day, riding 10m circles rather than 8m ones, and forgetting to do extended trot on the final centre line! I was pretty annoyed with myself afterwards, especially as we were so close to that magic 70%!

    My ultimate goal this year would be to represent GB with Tango at a CDI, and my dream would to be a part of the team for the Junior European Championships. However, there's a long way to go and as with all things involved with horses, you never know what will happen. So for now Tango and I will continue brushing up on our test riding and training, and I'm going to measure out an 8m distance and observe it carefully!

    Ellie Maris

    I am finally back on board after a freak accident mid-December, meaning a lot of sitting around and no riding which I think was slowly sending me crazy! However it was nice to be able to stay a lot warmer and drier with all of this horrible weather (Not that it would put me off, I can’t be said to be a fair weather rider). Clover has been in ‘boot camp’ with a local 4* professional event rider and is going fantastically. Due to my fall, eventing is having to wait an extra month or so as I cannot fall off due to the potential health risk. Nevertheless, training still continues for Clover and I so we will be at our best when the season begins. Our aims for the season include: completing the 3 Day event at Aldon at the end of the season, to complete at least one novice level BE event and to enjoy every second of it. Bring it on!

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